Aero Sekur

Aero Sekur is a specialist supplier of safety systems and advanced flexible structures to the global aerospace and defence markets. Its core markets include the design, manufacture, maintenance and repair of helicopter flotation and life-raft systems, fuel tanks, parachutes, escape slides and lifejackets for both civil and military markets. Other products include the manufacture of protective clothing, shelter and filtration systems for ground defence troops including NBC protection. Aero Sekur also has a significant Space programme including the development of inflatable flexible structures for a number of projects including the planned ExoMars landing.

The company has extensive R&D, manufacturing and MRO facilities in Italy and sales, engineering and representation in the UK, US and Asia.

Penta invested in August 2008 to support the acquisition of the business from Hunting plc by an experienced management team.

Chief Executive

Mark Butler

Penta Executive:

David Calder

Contact Details:

Aero Sekur Ltd
Fowler Avenue
The Hub
Farnborough GU14 7JF

Tel No: 01252 302344

Aero Sekur SpA
Via delle Valli 46
04011 Aprilia (LT)

Tel No: +39 06 920161