BDL Select

BDL Select was formed by Penta Capital to back a team of hoteliers with whom they have a very successful track record over a decade of investing.

BDL Select acquired an initial portfolio of 4 hotels with 444 en-suite rooms in Southern England, which they plan to grow into a group of 15-20.

The common feature of targets will be strong local presence, high business occupancy and good food and beverage potential. The investment thesis is that good local hotels have been forgotten in the drive for scale, branded and budget hotels and represent good return in capital and investments.

Chief Executive

Stewart Campbell

Penta Executive:

Steven Scott

Contact Details:

BDL Select
40 Brand Street
G51 1DG

Tel No: 0141 419 4560
Fax No: 0141 419 4567

Tel No: 01252 302344