Spiritel (formerly Expo Communications) was founded in 2000 to provide services to telecom carriers, initially in the high value area of land to mobile termination (calls from land lines to mobile networks).

Since launch Spiritel has grown to become one of the UK’s leading independent specialists in the field of fixed line to mobile call termination, as well as providing other international telecom products and services.

Spiritel has an impressive customer and supplier base and is interconnected to these UK and international carriers via its own switching infrastructure based in London, New York, Frankfurt and Brussels. Spiritel’s ablility to connect in a number of European locations provides flexibility and the opportunity to grow new relationships quickly and cost effectively.

The Spiritel business proposition is to be an outsourced, yet integrated part of customers’ and suppliers’ telecoms infrastructure. They aim to provide a source of margin improvement to customers and more effective network utilisation and incremental revenues to the supply base.

Penta invested in Spiritel in August 2003 to support the development of the company.

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Penta Executive:

Steven Scott