“Penta have made significant contributions to the strategic directions of the Group”

Alastair Mills
Spiritel ex-CEO


We are a hands-on investor with a people focus. We will first and foremost make a judgement on the management team running a business and then the business itself.


We firmly believe that the route to returns is via management and people. The management teams we back tend to be visionary, energetic and ambitious. We look for strong personalities that have a demonstrable track record, knowledge of their business and market, a vision for where they can take their business, and demonstration that they have the operational and management skills to be able to achieve that vision. We expect our teams to be highly motivated and to have an ability to deliver under a pressurised environment whilst at the same time be able to maintain a life-balance. We view our investee companies as partners, and we understand that the path to success can sometimes be a rough one. Our part of the bargain is to make sure that we provide the support that is necessary for our investee teams to deliver their vision for their companies.

People make businesses work, and accordingly this is a key focus for Penta.


We look for established businesses with a proven strong position within a niche and a capability for rapid growth.